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Four actions with which we can contribute to the conservation of natural resources.

There is a worldwide consensus that everything related to caring for the environment and the natural resources is everyone’s business. It is in our hands to join forces for this purpose. But what exactly are natural resources? According to Cabrerizo (2016) a natural resource is “everything that humanity obtains from nature to satisfy its needs […]

What would happen if we all committed ourselves to the protection of biodiversity?

Education and environmental awareness are two of the main strategies to safeguard biodiversity. We can only care about what we know and understand. We will start by defining the term biodiversity. Komar (2017) indicates that biodiversity encompasses all ecosystems, the diversity of species, and the genetic diversity within each species that can be found in […]

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve: a safe place to share with your social bubble

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has generated an impact around the world and we have all had to adapt to the new normality, which includes the implementation of preventative measures such as the correct use of the mask, social distancing and having to restrict the social exchange with people outside the social bubble. This exclusive […]

Visiting the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve: an investment in mental health

Human beings are an integral part of mother nature’s creation. She nurtures us with energy and strength to live. However,  modern life does not naturally integrate nature’s rhythms into our daily routine due to the accelerated pace of living. The urban expansion and the stress-generating activities create an environment where people forget the importance of […]