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The Tropical Science Center (TSC, or CCT in Spanish) is a non-profit, Costa Rican organization with more than half century of experience in biodiversity conservation. One of the main principals of our mission is the conservation of more than 4,500 hectares (11,120 acres) of forest in Monteverde, Sarapiquí and Valle del General regions. Our conservation approach goes beyond the preservation of these forests. We invest in sustainable development practices and environmental education in the local communities where our protected areas are embedded. Our conservation efforts are organized under a collaborative platform designed to articulate management, educational and operational activities in our protected areas and biological corridors.

Organized groups from high schools, universities, colleges, government and non-government organizations, businesses, institutions and the general public are welcomed to participate in the educational activities offered by TSC in Costa Rica. The emphasis of our educational efforts include, but are not limited to bio/eco-literacy, biodiversity conservation and sustainability. Make your travel experience in Costa Rica more meaningful and rich, leave a positive impact and return to your home country more inspired to spend quality time in nature and more prepared to take action towards the conservation and restoration of our planet. Our academic programs office is located at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve and we would be honored to offer our assistance and expertise in organizing your educational trip to Costa Rica.

Academic Activities

Access to Monteverde Reserve

Tropical cloud forests are lush, dense and evergreen ecosystems formed where clouds intersect the mountain slopes. The additional cloud water input, also known as horizontal precipitation, combined with cooler temperatures and higher humidity levels, significantly influence the ecosystem’s bio-physical characteristics, which may result in abundant epiphytic vegetation, lower decomposition rates and higher endemism due to specialization to these particular environmental conditions. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve protects one of the most pristine and well-studied cloud forest in the neotropical region. With more than 13 km of trails in the public access area, naturalists and students have the opportunity to explore the reserve to observe the abundant vegetation and search for local wildlife. Student and organized groups staying at the Reserve’s lodge have free access to the trails network during the day

Food and lodging in Monteverde

La Casona de la Reserva Lodge offers bunkbed-style accommodations for groups of up to 50 people, and double rooms for faculty and program staff. Rooms are equipped with private bathrooms, hot water and WiFi. Three delicious Costa Rican-style meals are served daily at our restaurant, which is located in the same building as the lodge. Box lunches may be prepared for field days.

Classroom space

With capacity for 30 people, the classroom is equipped with power point projection and WiFi. It must be reserved with anticipation through the academic program in order to secure its availability during your stay at the reserve.

Educational activities

Our educational activities are organized in three concentric circles, offering a wide variety of field, hands-on and experiential learning opportunities.

Download program activities here

Example itinerary

Day 1: Arrival and travel to Monteverde / Orientation to the Cloud Forest

Day 2: Natural History walk at the Monteverde Reserve / Lecture, Life zones and Biodiversity of Costa Rica / Night walk

Day 3: Early morning birdwatching in the Cloud Forest Canopy exploration / Lecture, Quetzal Research and conservation

Day 4: Plant identification workshop / Insect identification workshop

Day 5: Pacific slope trail / Visit to coffee farm

Day 6: Service day, reforestation / Lecture, Extinction of the Golden Toad

Day 7: Travel to Sarapiquí / Natural history walk at Arenal Volcano on the way

Day 8: Great Green Macaw monitoring program with TSC Staff

Day 9: Visit to Pineapple and Banana plantations

Day 10: Travel to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca / Leatherback sea turtle conservation in Moin / Natural history walk at Cahuita National Park

Day 11: Snorkeling tour in Manzanillo / Cooking workshop on Caribbean food with local family

Day 12: Travel to Kashabri de Bribri indigenous community / Bribri cosmology lecture with Kashabri’s Awás / Overnight stay at Palenque

Day 13: Travel to San José / Visit to Cacao plantations on the way

Day 14: Visit Poas Volcano Jade and gold museum

Day 15: Departure

Educational travel packages

Download Educational travel package Costa Rica: From the Montains to the sea


Food and lodging at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, La Casona: $52 per person per night..

This rate includes lodging, taxes, 3 meals per day and access to the trails. Applies only to approved groups reserving through the academic program. Minimum number of participants 12 people.

Guided natural history walk: $14 per person..

Guided night walk: $23 per person.

Lectures: $40 per lecture..

Bellbird Biological Corridor: $150 per lecture. Includes donation to the corridor.

Field trips to other parts of Monteverde and the rest of Costa Rica are charged separately. Inquire for prices.


Dr. Fabricio Camacho, Ph.D.

Director of Academic Programs

Tropical Science Center

Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve

+506 2645 5122 ext. 113

+506 87071479

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