Four actions with which we can contribute to the conservation of natural resources.

There is a worldwide consensus that everything related to caring for the environment and the natural resources is everyone’s business. It is in our hands to join forces for this purpose. But what exactly are natural resources?

According to Cabrerizo (2016) a natural resource is “everything that humanity obtains from nature to satisfy its needs for goods and services, directly (raw materials) or indirectly (natural resources that provide essential ecological services for the continuity of the life)”. Examples of these resources are water, soil, flora and fauna. Natural resources are our source of life.

We must all unite to ensure the well-being of Mother Nature. We must assume our responsibility and commitment for the planet, because for a long time we had the erroneous idea that natural resources were at our disposal and use, and that they were unlimited; until we discover contrary.

We must treat all natural resources with respect, as if we were caring for a great treasure. We need to learn how to use them with full conscience, knowing that their conservation is the best inheritance that we can leave to future generations.

There are many actions to take care of nature, some of these are:

  1. a) Change consumption habits and recycle

For several years recycling has been promoted not only at the level of companies or institutions but also in households. Although we have had some achievements, it is necessary to incorporate recycling with greater precision, ensuring that we only consume what we need without falling into excesses and waste.

  1. b) Reduce electricity consumption

Turn off and unplug the devices that we are not using and opt for outdoor activities and detach ourselves a bit from technology to live more real experiences. In the case of drying clothes, as long as the weather permits, we can use natural resources such as the breeze and the sun instead of the dryer. In the same way the drying of our hair.

  1. c) Do not use disposable products

We must choose not to use disposable products whose duration is so short that it does not justify their use. In Costa Rica, polystyrene -based products were recently banned, which is a step forward, but the use of plastic and other materials has yet to be eliminated.

  1. d) Save water

Although they are actions that we all know, it is worth remembering them. We must exercise responsible habits to take care of our natural resources. For example: reducing the time in the shower, closing the faucet when it is not being used, among others.

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