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Applied research

The stewardship of our preserve is guided by ongoing research projects on focal management species and climate change. The species studied include most species of amphibians and mammals, the Resplendant Quetzal and the Three Wattled Bellbird. Parallel to this, climate data is collected from our weather stations and the combination of biological and climatological information provides the foundation to establish a management plan that includes several chapters such as the carrying capacity for the public use area. This plan determines how many people can be on each trail in a day and what measures need to be taken in order to minimize the impact on each area.

This program is fully funded by the Monteverde Reserve and we need your support to continue with our research efforts. Please consider making a contribution. Each donation will help advance our understanding of this unique forest and most importantly will help guide its conservation.

Access to publications on the CCT Research Portal:

  • Download the Researcher’s guide (in Spanish) here

  • Download the Biosecurity protocol for researchers (in Spanish) here

System of Private Reserves and Biological Corridors (SIREP)

The conservation model created in Monteverde to protect the cloud forest has been sucessfully expanded to other areas of Costa Rica to preserve key ecosystems and complement the conservation efforts made by the Government, through our System of Private Reserves and Biological Corridors. In total, we protect 4500 hectares (11,120 acres). These include cloud forest, lowland rain forest and transitional dry forest. Restoration and sustainability efforts are made to improve the forest connectivity and well-being of communities in three biological corridors.

Funding to continue preserving these forests and biological corridors are needed. Please consider making a contribution to support our conservation efforts. Donations will be used to preserve and expand our conservation model.

Buy the book for children In the Search of the Golden Toad in digital format, Spanish-English version

Tatiana is a girl who travels with her father to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. The day before her birthday, she was visited by Chispita, the smallest hummingbird of the preserve, who asked her for help to discover why the forest is changing. Together, they live a great adventure to find the spirit of the golden toad, who has the answer of what is happening to the forest and how to protect it.

Earnings from the sale of this book will help support the activities of the reserve’s environmental education program and the Latin American Communications Network on Climate Change (LatinClima).

Libro in search of the Golden toad

Corporate membership

We are aware that many businesses and organizations want to support and make a positive impact in the environment, but they may not know how, or may not know a trusted organization that can do the work properly. With half a century of experience in conservation and having tangible examples of successful conservation achievements such as the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve, the Tropical Science Center offers to private organizations a suite of opportunities to make a difference in nature conservation.

Three types of memberships are offered.

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Consulting work in sustainability, biodiversity conservation, agroforestry investments and environmental engineering solutions can also be arranged. For more information contact