The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve: a safe place to share with your social bubble

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has generated an impact around the world and we have all had to adapt to the new normality, which includes the implementation of preventative measures such as the correct use of the mask, social distancing and having to restrict the social exchange with people outside the social bubble. This exclusive group of members of the bubble then becomes a sacred space that must be protected and whose limits must not be transgressed for the well-being of its members.

In the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve we implement all the guidelines indicated by the Ministry of Health so that our visitors can live the experience in the forest with peace and harmony. We respectfully ask all of our visitors for commitment and responsibility to comply with the established protocols in order to guarantee everyone’s wellbeing.

Visitors must stay within the social bubble at all times and must frequently perform hand washing, alcohol gel disinfection, bubble spacing, and correct us of the face mask. Our naturalist guides will maintain a distance of 1.8 meters within your bubble at all times. We exercise our responsibility so that you feel reassured that you are in a safe place.

Coming to the Monteverde Reserve with your family represents a meaningful experience that promotes integration. The experience of hiking in the forest also promotes growth of all family members, helping to everyone in the group to reconnect with nature.

Recreation and leisure are not contrary to responsibility. We believe that you should not miss the experience of visiting the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. We will see you soon!

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