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Visiting the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve: an investment in mental health

Human beings are an integral part of mother nature’s creation. She nurtures us with energy and strength to live. However,

 modern life does not naturally integrate nature’s rhythms into our daily routine due to the accelerated pace of living. The urban expansion and the stress-generating activities create an environment where people forget the importance of having contact with nature and the benefits of maintaining a close relationship with the natural environment.

The increase of time that human beings currently dedicate to technology and social networks, although they are very useful tools, in a certain way has caused an imbalance in our natural behavior and contact with nature, affecting on many occasions the physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The planet needs us to synchronize ourselves with the rhythms of nature. Regaining this balance is an important necessity for human beings.

Visiting the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve represents a very valuable opportunity not only for recreation, butalso as an investment in physical and mental health. In this sense, numerous studies have shown that the periodic exposure of people to the natural world substantially improves the health and quality of life of human beings. For this reason, we encourage children, youth and adults to come to experience one of the most special ecosystems on the planet.

Visiting the Monteverde Reserve is a positive experience away from various stress-generating sources of urban life that can provide the deep breath that people need in the midst of the current situation of uncertainty related to problems derived from the economy, health and politics. Therefore, we recommend that when you visit us in Monteverde, you do your best to keep your full attention on the cloud forest, its colors, sounds and smells.

In addition to facilitating a closer contact with nature, we promote respect and admiration for all the natural resources, to which our lives are linked. We consider that it is the responsibility of adults to help children develop a close relationship with nature: what a better inheritance than to transmit children with the love for biodiversity and the commitment to preserve it for future generations? As the naturalist Thoreau would say, “we need nature’s tonic”.

We hope to see you soon in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve! Where we are waiting for you with great joy!

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