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What makes the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve special?

Costa Rica is a privileged and internationally recognized nation thanks to its natural exuberance. This tiny country boasts 5% of the world’s biodiversity, which is one of the reasons, every year, it attracts tourists from all over the planet. Part of the fascination generated by this beautiful country comes from its diversity of landscapes. The variety of ecosystems and virgin forests and the commitment of people to protect and enjoy them is remarkable in Costa Rica. Being a small country, it is not necessary to travel long distances to visit most of its tourist attractions, as is the case of Monteverde, a small community in the mountains of northern Costa Rica, just over 2 hours from the capital and the Daniel Oduber Airport in Liberia. Monteverde is a community founded by a mixture of American Quaker immigrants and Costa Rican country people. Monteverdeans are proud to be part of a world-pioneer country in terms of conservation and sustainable tourism.

Monteverde is world-renowned for protecting one of the most pristine Cloud Forest on Earth. Cloud Forests are unique ecosystems as they only represent less than 1% of the remaining forests on the planet’s surface. Here you can find very particular species of trees, plants and animals, such as the quetzal and numerous species of orchids. This makes the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve an exceptional destination on any tourist trip to Costa Rica.

Monteverde, due to its location on the continental divide on top of the Cordillera de Tilarán is surrounded by beautiful mountains of different shades of bluish green. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve provide a great opportunity to contemplate the Cloud Forest with all of its sounds of nature.

The frequent incidence of cloudiness allows visitors to feel as if they were truly in the clouds. Filling-up your lungs with pure air and being able to appreciate the beautiful landscapes from the different viewpoints of the reserve is an experience that no visitor should miss.

Its trails, in addition to providing an experience that many visitors have described as “magical”, offers the opportunity to walk through the forest and observe a large amount of flora and fauna. In the Reserve there are more than 3,200 species of plants, including 700 species of trees and 500 species of orchids. Approximately 425 species of birds, 120 species of mammals, 60 species of amphibians and 101 species of reptiles also inhabit this forest.

These are just some of the reasons why the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve has gained international recognition, positioning itself as one of the richest places in biodiversity, hence the admiration from its visitors.

The Tropical Science Center (CCT), the first environmental NGO in Costa Rica, manages the reserve and directs numerous efforts to create awareness and sensitivity in visitors about the importance of protecting the natural resources including the biodiversity of Costa Rica.

Visitors, in addition to living the experience of the Cloud Forest, can learn about actions that promote conservation. In the same way, those who wish to participate in our conservation efforts have the opportunity to support one of the many conservation and research projects run by the CCT, either by enrolling in one of the volunteer programs, participating in the different educational programs offered by the institution or donating to the CCT.

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