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What would happen if we all committed ourselves to the protection of biodiversity?

Education and environmental awareness are two of the main strategies to safeguard biodiversity. We can only care about what we know and understand.

We will start by defining the term biodiversity. Komar (2017) indicates that biodiversity encompasses all ecosystems, the diversity of species, and the genetic diversity within each species that can be found in a defined space. Biodiversity is life itself, and therefore we are closely connected with it and we depend on its existence and conservation. Human beings cannot be well nor can we live comfortably if biodiversity is in danger.

It is our responsibility to protect it and reverse the damage caused by the excessive use of natural resources, pollution and deforestation, among other processes that have affected a large number of species.

Biodiversity is a multidimensional, interdependent and complex network that as a whole provides a series of environmental goods and services known as ecosystem services, of which human beings are part (CEPAL). It is a relationship of codependency in which human beings obtain benefits for our development, but at the same time we must ensure their protection. As Confucius would say: “if you serve nature, she will serve you.”

Our invitation is to adopt a lifestyle of moderation and awareness having in mind the value of biodiversity, our greatest treasure in Costa Rica and the rest of the world.

We must emphasize that the indigenous populations have been coined the title of “guardians of nature” so we must learn from their deep respect and admiration for Mother Earth, by safeguarding the different species of flora and fauna and respecting their right of existence.

Nature in its immense wisdom possesses the ability to regulate itself and organize the multiple relationships between different species. This system must be respected and restored. We can achieve this by changing our consumption habits towards a more sustainable framework, learning more about the fragility of the planet, recycling, not polluting water and soil and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Therefore, to answer the question about what would happen if all the inhabitants of the world fought to protect biodiversity? The answer is very simple: the world would function better, we would be better protected from current calamities and we could better enjoy life on the planet.


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