Why shouldn’t you miss the experience of visiting the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve?

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve protects one of the last remnants of mid-elevation cloud forest in the world. It is considered one of the 7 wonders of Costa Rica and is one of the pillars of the country’s conservation.

Visiting this reserve is a pleasant experience that contrasts with the digital world of today. It is a unique opportunity to explore the mountains. The reserve’s guides enhance the experience with information about the history of the reserve, as well as its biodiversity.

The Reserve offers affordable rates for both national and foreign visitors. For us it is important that you know that 100% of the funds generated are utilized for the management and conservation of 4 reserves in Costa Rica including the Monteverde Reserve, the San Luis Reserve (6 km from Monteverde), Kelady (Sarapiquí) and the Dr. Alexander Skutch Bird Refuge, Los Cusingos (Pérez Zeledón). Through structured programs of environmental education, research, forest conservation and community outreach, the CCT harmoniously distributes the resources generated from tourism to ensure the conservation of natural resources and the empowerment of the communities where it participates as facilitators if sustainable development. Your visit to the reserve is not only an opportunity for your own recreation and reconnection with nature, but it is also a direct contribution to the conservation of Costa Rica’s biodiversity through of our conservation model.

The Monteverde reserve has different lodging options at La Casona Lodge, where you can rest in the middle of the cloud forest, you can also delight your palate in the Raices Restaurant while enjoying the immensity of the cloud forest from your table.

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, a mandatory stop on your next trip to Costa Rica.


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